THE VISION - Passionate worship

We attempt to make all of our decisions using the lens of The Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations by Bishop Robert Schnase.  They are simple, but powerful and we know they will help us be the church we want to be for this community.  

Our belief and pursuit of Passionate Worship leads us to do several things.  We will:   

  • offer two distinct styles of worship with two very different presentations, that reflect the same message, theology, and pursuit of excellence
  • choose texts, books, and topics that challenge us to understand the entire scope of the Bible.  
  • collaborate with the entire staff to have prayers, songs, and scripture that reinforce each other
  • celebrate the amazing liturgy and history of United Methodist Worship
  • emphasize the elements of the Christian year in both worship services
  • place our children, youth, adults, and senior adults in worship to relate to and celebrate all age groups